2017 Summer Camps

Summer is an exciting time at LMPS!  We offer six enriching weeks of camp, led by our experienced and fun director and staff.  Each of the six weeks will center on a different theme for indoor and outdoor center times to stretch the boundaries of your child's imagination. The camp week will be Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM. To 1:00 P.M., including lunch time (children will bring their own lunches). Curriculum will be packed with fun and purposeful play, so be prepared to see your child continue to blossom as they improve their math, science, social and literacy skills. You may enroll for any number of weeks. Enrollment is now open. See the attached registration form.

Camp dates and themes

June 5-9:  All About Art

Always a favorite camp week, this week will be full of exploring different art media and fostering creativity!  The week will culminate with an art show on Friday, and you will be amazed at the students’ masterpieces.  We will also look back at famous artists and their works.


June 26-June 30:  America the Beautiful

Come along with us as we explore our beautiful country!  We’ll travel (in books) to Florida, New York, Texas, California, Hawaii, Alaska, and more!  Students will learn about our diverse and rich landscape in this fun pre-4th of July exploration of our nation.  We invite parents to come join us for an American picnic and to showcase what we learned.


July 10-14:  Astronomy

This week we will test the limits of our imaginations as we travel among the planets and the stars.  Our own alien, “Z”, will be here to teach us how to be kind to one another.  We will create our own solar system models, create beautiful constellations, and learn all about our galaxy.  3,2,1, blastoff for a great week of Astronomy camp!


July 17-21:  Community Helpers

This camp week will be all about all that we can do!  We will transform our classrooms into a vibrant community, and learn how many ways there are to help each other.  Students can practice being firefighters, teachers, police officers, postal carriers, artists, architects, engineers, gardeners, doctors, and MORE during this fun week.  The world is their oyster!


July 31-August 4:  Love for Literature

Books, books and more books!  During this week of camp, we will celebrate literature.  Our classroom will feature a large library and/or bookstore, where children will be encouraged to explore and treasure books.  Students will learn the various components of a story (characters, setting, plot sequence, etc.).  We will also focus on phonics, as we will enjoy our Butterfly Park and Handwriting Without Tears materials.  Watch for your student’s own publication to come home on Friday.


August 7-11:  Geology and Nature

Colorado is a perfect place to learn all about geology and nature.  Come with us as we learn about the flora and fauna of our environment, as well as study fossils and minerals.  During this fun week, we will have the opportunity to enjoy all of our dinosaur materials, as students learn about the history of our state.  We will even create a fossil of our own during this exciting and curriculum-rich camp! 

Katherine Gaddis,
Mar 1, 2017, 6:05 PM