Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year begins February 1st.  Please find the Registration Form using the Parent Link.


"Nurturing your child's love of learning, care for others, and self-confidence!"


Welcome to Lookout Mountain Preschool located in the beautiful foothills of Colorado with amazing Continental Divide views!  We primarily serve the Evergreen, Genesee, Golden, Morrison, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge communities.  We offer an educational, fun, and meaningful preschool curriculum for children and toddlers ages 2 1/2 through Pre-K.


What makes our program stand out from all the rest?

We operate in the belief that each child has his/her own pattern of growth and development as well as a distinctive personality.  A well planned, well organized, objective oriented preschool experience geared to the individualized needs of a particular child provides a special learning opportunity that promotes a child's development and helps build a better foundation for future education.

The primary emphasis of the program is designed to nurture a child's cognitive, social and emotional development and to enhance physical capabilities and learning potentials.  The focus is on the overall growth and development of each individual child to help them realize their full potential.  This is important in relation to himself/herself as an individual as well as in their relation to other children.

We offer a play-oriented curriculum for the preschool child.  Research affirms that children learn most effectively through a concrete, hands on approach.  The classroom is thoughtfully and purposefully organized for the child to choose a wide variety of activities that promote emotional, social, and cognitive growth.

A typical day at Lookout Mountain Preschool includes fun in the dramatic play areas, creating artistic masterpieces at the easel, one-on-one directed learning with the teachers, social interaction with peers, music, gross and fine motor activities, excitement in the math and science centers, and  books coming to life in the classroom!