2024 Summer Camps

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 Ocean Odyssey: Bringing the Ocean to the Mountains

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June 3-7:  Oceans Around the World

Come aboard the USS LMPS as we cruise the five oceans of the world. We’ll see everything from icebergs with penguins to warm sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs. We will also explore the culture and cuisine of various coastal regions. Our oceans are wild and wonderful; come explore them with us!


June 24-28:  Marine Life

Marine life is bountiful and exciting, and we will delve into it all, from albatross to zebra bullhead shark to all kinds of wild and beautiful creatures of the deep. Each ocean has some very unique creatures. Come find out who lives where and what makes them exceptional. Science, sensory experiences, literature, and more will help bring these creatures to life at LMPS.


July 8-12:  Ocean Art

Grab a smock and show off your creativity this week as we use a variety of media to create beautiful works of art. Come collaborate to create an extravagant underwater garden filled with colorful coral, shiny shells, graceful anemone, and mythical creatures. We will conclude this creative week with an art show on Friday.


       July 15-19:  Under the Sea STEAM

Join us as we dive into science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics using the ocean as our backdrop. What is the difference between fresh and sea water?  Why is the ocean so buoyant? How do submarines stay submerged and how do we breathe underwater?  Let’s experiment with what floats and design our own vessels to test our hypotheses. We will artistically create structures with recyclables and talk about the importance of keeping our oceans clean. Lastly, we will incorporate math concepts such as counting, patterning, and measurement into our ocean fun.


July 29-August 2:  Senses and the Sea

The ocean environment is full of interesting sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures. What do you see in the ocean and why do things look different underwater? What scents do you find near the ocean? Can you hear the waves crashing or animals calling? Do you feel the grainy sand, cold water, and smooth shells? Are the things you can taste at the ocean different from what you taste at home in the mountains?


August 5-9:  Beach Week

Grab your sandals and sunscreen as we head to the beach this week. We will play in the sand, explore sports such as surfing and volleyball, play in the water, and learn to hula. This week will be filled with music and active play. Join us on Friday for a beach party bash to celebrate the culmination of a fun-filled summer.

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