2022 Summer Camps

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Summer is an exciting time at LMPS! We offer seven enriching weeks of camp, led by our experienced and fun Sheri Godwin, Miss Jeanette, Miss Zoe and other staff. Each of the seven weeks will center on a different theme for indoor and outdoor center times to stretch the boundaries of your child's imagination. The camp week will be Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM. To 1:00 P.M., including lunch time (children will bring their own lunches). Curriculum will be packed with fun and purposeful play, so be prepared to see your child continue to blossom as they improve their math, science, social and literacy skills. You may enroll for any number of weeks. Enrollment is now open. See the attached registration form.

Camp dates and themes:

June 6-10: Dinosaur Week

Come discover these fascinating creatures that used to roam on Earth. Find out more about different types of dinosaurs and their habitat. Help hatch dinosaur eggs, walk with dinosaur feet, examine fossils, and make volcanos erupt! Finish off this action-packed week making and uncovering dinosaur fossils and bones.

July 5-9: Let’s Get Moving!

Get your heart pumping and body moving during this active play-filled week! We will run, jump, throw, catch, stretch, and balance. We’ll also learn about how different foods fuel our bodies while we are hard at play. This camp will enhance children’s gross motor and social skills as they reach new goals and work with teammates. We will also use our culinary skills to make some healthy snacks. This camp concludes with an exciting field day event!

July 11-15: Under the Sea

Come explore what makes oceans unique. Discover where oceans are, the difference between saltwater and freshwater, and all the amazing creatures that call the ocean “home”. During this sand and water play-packed week children will use their senses to discover the wonders the ocean holds!

July 18-22: “Every Child is an Artist”

Join us as we explore famous artists and different ways we can create beautiful things. Each day this week we will create with a different art medium: marker, paint, clay, collage, and 3-D materials. We will conclude the week with a showcase of our talents.

July 25-29: I Am a Scientist

Join us as we examine the endless possibilities of science. Children will learn to ask questions, make predictions, observe, and come to conclusions. We will conduct several science experiments and learn more about the world around us. Come discover a love of science!

August 1-5: Building and Engineering

Buildings and structures are all around us. In this camp we will learn about the purposes of different buildings, their unique architectural features, and the materials, people, and machines that make them a reality. We will design, gather materials, and build our own unique structures. Come build something great with us!

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