2021 Summer Camps

Summer is an exciting time at LMPS! We offer seven enriching weeks of camp, led by our experienced and fun Sheri Godwin, Miss Jeanette, Miss Zoe and other staff. Each of the seven weeks will center on a different theme for indoor and outdoor center times to stretch the boundaries of your child's imagination. The camp week will be Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM. To 1:00 P.M., including lunch time (children will bring their own lunches). Curriculum will be packed with fun and purposeful play, so be prepared to see your child continue to blossom as they improve their math, science, social and literacy skills. You may enroll for any number of weeks. Enrollment is now open. See the attached registration form.

Camp dates and themes:

June 7-11 Magic Feet, Follow That Beat!

Join us as we enter the marvelous world of music. We will make instruments, explore percussion, paint with a xylophone, and play musical games. We will discover the music that is all around us. This camp is sure to build and reinforce early literacy through rhythm, listening, intonation, and fluency. Your child will grow in their understanding and appreciation for the beauty, wonder, and joy found in a single beat.

July 6-9 Let Kindness Be Your Compass (4 Day Camp 9-2 this week only)

Children’s author Peter Reynolds invites readers into an unforgettable journey into random acts of kindness. Children will see how seeds of kindness spread through powerful words and generous actions. Children will discover that every person is unique and has something special to share. We will be kind word collectors, school-ground cleaners, animal shelter caregivers, and generous gift-givers. This camp is filled with many opportunities to spread kindness wherever we go!

July 12-16 From Trash to Treasure: Art Camp

Join us for this upcycle art camp where we will discover our inner artist while caring for our environment. We will learn about recycling and discover that we can use everyday items to create unique works of art. Come discover what we can do with old crayons, K-cups, water bottles, scraps of paper, and more. The creative options are endless!

July 19-23 Fairy Tale STEM

This week of camp will be all about science, technology, engineering, and math. This year we will bring these elements into the world of early childhood education through story. The students will define a problem from the story, design a plan, build a plan, test their plan, and improve their plan. Children will build Cinderella’s carriage, create Little Red’s Zip line, make a parachute for Jack, and much, much more.

July 26-30 Land, Air, and Sea

This week will be filled with invitations to play and explore land, air, and sea. We will learn about the land as we create layers of rocks, sand, and clay. We will explore physics with a train chain reaction, dive down deep into the blue sea in our yellow submarine, fly high in the sky with hot air balloon science, and become galactic starveyors in space. We will learn all about the animals who walk on the land, swim in the sea, and fly in air. All senses will be engaged, and imaginations ignited in this camp filled with many adventures.

August 2-6 Nature’s Playground

Peter Rabbit and his friends take us on a journey into nature’s playground. We will get dirty, track how plants grow, and reap in the harvest as we plant a storybook book garden. Children will be encouraged to get their hands muddy, their feet wet, and discover what happens in nature. Children will grow in love and understanding of how all things work together for good in nature.

August 9-13 How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Author Majorie Priceman takes us on a journey around the world gathering ingredients to make an apple pie. We will pack our suitcases and catch a steamship as we travel around the world. We will brush up on our Italian and gather semolina wheat, find some fancy chickens with exquisite eggs, discover the best cinnamon in the world in Sri Lanka, make an acquaintance with an English cow, catch a banana boat heading to Jamaica, and gather sugar cane. Then back to the United States to find some juicy apples. This camp celebrates diversity and develops appreciation for our big, beautiful world

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